• Sensory organs and brain: these act as your radar system, alerting you to danger
    and helping you steer clear of trouble.

  • Forehead and back of the skull: used for head butting weaker targets, such as
    the bridge of the nose, temples and jaw.

  • Teeth: bite and tear the oppenent's neck, nose or face. They are a particularly
    effective weapon when fighting on the ground or when an assailant grabs you in a
    frontal bear hug.
The teeth, nature's foremost weapons, are extremely effective at close quarters. If (3) grabbed in front bear hug, teeth can be used to rip into an assailant's ear, nose, neck or any other exposed flesh. Alternatively, a front head butt, smashing your forehead into his nose, also works well at this close range.
The back of the head is also a weapon, and if grabbed (1) in a bear hug from behind, you can head butt backwards (2) to smash the assailant's nose and loosen his grip, facilitating follow-up techniques.

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