The Human Swiss Army Knife.

The body of a skilled fighter can be compared to a Swiss Army Knife with a built-in arsenal of fighting tools at your disposal. A well-rounded fighter can utilize the entire body, literally from head to foot, as a weapon of defense.

In the same manner that the Swiss Army Knife has tools that are suited for specific functions, each bodily weapon is best used against specific targets on an opponent. Some weapons, like fingers require pinpoint accuracy and are most effective against soft-tissue areas like the eyes and throat. Other weapons, such as the elbows and knees, are "power tools," and cause damage whenever they land on your opponent.

Your body's natural weapons have some inherent advantages over conventional man-made weapons. First, you always have your body with you! If you know how to use your own natural weapons, you need not be dependant on anything external to save you. Second, unlike a conventional weapon, your body's weapons cannot be taken from you and used against you . Finally, if a body weapon is injured or suppressed during a fight, you can bring another free weapon into action; It's very difficult - baring a knockout - for an opponent to suppress all of your weapons at once.

Your "Human Swiss Army Knife" has a built in arsenal for all the different fighting ranges, whether you are fighting on your feet or on the ground.

Following is a discussion of natural bodily weapons and how they may be utilized against an attacker in a life threatening situation.

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